About the Author

As a 21-year-old living in an ever-changing, ever-evolving digital environment, my greatest intention as of late is to document my life in the best way possible. Utilizing both technology and good old pen and paper, I intend to memorialize my most memorable moments so that I am able to re-live and recall them for my entire life.


I have a deep love for my city, Pittsburgh, and many of my most recent, important memories were made here. After moving to Oakland to earn my undergraduate degree in Communication and Media, I grew accustomed to (small) city life. In this great city, I have come across unique, homegrown businesses with genuine, creative owners. I am passionate about shopping small and supporting the people who are brave enough to follow their hearts and pursue becoming a small-business owner. I, myself, am a small business owner. I own a photography business called Photos by Molly M. My passion for capturing memories is what drove me to launch my own photography business. I take pride in documenting my clients’ most important days and moments.

One of my favorite worldly things is espresso. So much so that I spend my summers as a barista at a local coffee shop. While I am in the city, I most enjoy visiting new coffee houses and cafes in the Pittsburgh area. These places have their own culture and offer a setting unlike any other establishment. Visiting them gives me a time to meditate and spend some time alone. It also helps that I am utterly addicted to caffeine, which just drives this hobby even more. I have aspirations to start an Instagram blog to share places to get a good cup of coffee in Pittsburgh. It will also (finally) give a purpose to the hundreds of pictures of lattes that I have taken and stored away for the past few years.

I hope to continue to utilize technology in order to document my life, whether it be digital photography and videography, social media platforms, or blogs.

Here’s a link to my website:

Photos by Molly M


I’ll keep you all updated about that coffee blog…